10 Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Rides That Will Blow Your Mind!

Serengeti Flyer: The world's tallest and fastest swing ride, reaching speeds of 68 mph and offering stunning views of the park.

SheiKra: This iconic coaster features a 90-degree drop, a 70-mph dive, an Immelmann loop, and a splashdown finale.

Montu: A legendary coaster with seven inversions, including a 60-foot vertical loop, an Immelmann loop, and a batwing inversion.

Congo River Rapids: A family-friendly whitewater rafting trip with exhilarating dips, a mysterious water cave, and waterfalls.

Iron Gwazi: Award-winning wood and steel hybrid coaster with 12 airtime moments, three inversions, and a 91-degree drop.

Tigris: a thrilling steel coaster with looping twists, an inverted heartline roll, and a 150-foot surge towards the heavens.

Cheetah Hunt: A coaster-connoisseur favorite that celebrates the fastest land animal with a triple-launch ride that curves high above the park.

Cobra’s Curse: A unique, spinning family roller coaster where every ride is different, featuring a 70-foot climb and forward, backward, and free-spinning sections.

Air Grover: A junior coaster for kids, featuring Grover from Sesame Street

Sesame Street Safari of Fun: A kid-friendly area with rides, a climbing area, and laughter, featuring character-themed attractions.