10 Must-Experience New Year's Eve Drops Across the US

10 US New Year's Eve drops voted best—unique spins on tradition! Reflection, anticipation, and celebration

10. Kennett Square, PA: Mushroom Drop: 700-pound electric mushroom at midnight.

9. Mobile, AL: MoonPie Over Mobile: 600-pound electric MoonPie at midnight.

8. Temecula, CA: Grape Drop: Two drops, live music, food, kid activities.

7. Mount Olive, NC: Pickle Drop: Glowing pickles at 7 p.m., music, food, fireworks.

6. Easton, MD: Giant Crab Drop: an alcohol-free event, crab drops at 9 p.m. and midnight.

5. Bethlehem, PA: PEEPS Chick Drop: 400-pound illuminated PEEPS Chick at 5:35 p.m., fireworks.

4. Whiting, IN: Pierogi Drop: Giant pierogi at midnight, music, fireworks.

3. Las Cruces, NM: Chile Drop: 19-foot illuminated chili at midnight, live music, food.

2. Boise, ID: Idaho Potato Drop: Glowing potato at midnight, fireworks, music, art.

1. Panama City Beach, FL: Beach Ball Drop: Two drops at 8 p.m. and midnight, live music, fireworks