10 reasons that will make you want to make love

Here are 10 facts that will definitely make you want to cuddle, kiss, and maybe even more!

A toned perineum enhances sensations and pleasure; strong pelvic floor muscles intensify experiences during inti*acy.

Oxytocin fuels deeper love, released through intim*cy. Regular intim*cy boosts self-esteem and overall happiness.

Active s*x boosts immunity, raising antibodies by 30% in those engaging weekly, reducing virus risks."

Science confirms: S*x releases endorphins, relieving migraines. Org*sm's endorphin boost aids headache relief.

Orga*m releases prolactin, aiding relaxation and better sleep. It helps ease anxiety for a relaxed state."

Regular intim*y in couples improves stress management, fostering harmony, communication, and tenderness."

S*x regulates hormones, benefiting heart health.

Intima*y burns calories, acting as physical exercise.

Stimulat*s neuron production, aiding memory.

Regular ejacul*tion may reduce prostate cancer risk in men.