Forget the Mouse Ears! 7 Florida Adventures That Will Make You Roar!

Explore Florida beyond theme parks for a family vacation. Diverse attractions, unique activities, and hidden gems await

Discover top places and activities in Florida: From Panhandle beaches to South Florida's enchanting swamps, there's something for everyone

Discover family fun at Rock Springs: Crystal-clear waters, tubing, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife spotting await in this Florida oasis

Swap snow for sand in Florida's winter: Visit St. Augustine's Nights of Lights for historic holiday magic

Explore underwater wonders at Blue Heron Bridge, a top dive spot near West Palm Beach.

Snorkel for scallops along Florida's Gulf Coast; charter a boat, hunt in seagrass, and enjoy a rewarding seafood dinner

Discover tranquility at Navarre Beach: pristine sands, unique dining, and family-friendly activities.

"Experience Space Coast beyond theme parks: lunch with astronauts, KSC tours, & rocket launches.

Explore Key West's charm: Museums, iconic landmarks, and unique experiences await families.