At a Kansas City Chiefs game, Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift was seen in Travis Kelce's family suite at the Chiefs game on Sunday.

She was wearing a red and white Chiefs jacket and cheering on the team.She appeared to be sitting next to Donna Kelce, Travis' mom.

Swift's show of support comes after weeks of speculation that she and Kelce are dating.Kelce said in an interview that he finds the focus on Swift and him "hilarious."

He said it's like the game of telephone, where everyone is whispering in everyone's ear.The speculation began earlier this month when Kelce said on his podcast that he tried

to slip his phone number to Swift via a friendship bracelet he made for her at one of her concerts.

He said he was "disappointed" to learn that she doesn't talk before or after shows because she has to save her voice.

On Thursday, Kelce said he "threw the ball in her court" and told her to come see him rock the stage at Arrowhead Stadium.

He said, "We'll see what happens in the near future."