California Passes Historic Greenhouse Gas Disclosure Legislation.

California lawmakers have passed groundbreaking legislation that requires major corporations to disclose both their direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

The new mandate applies to a wide range of businesses, including oil and gas companies and retail giants, with an annual revenue of over $1 billion.

The primary aim of the legislation is to enhance transparency and encourage companies to assess and reduce their emissions.

The bill has garnered support from influential entities such as Patagonia, Apple, and former UN executive secretary Christiana Figueres.

To become law, the bill still needs final approval from the state Senate and Governor Gavin Newsom. While many companies in California already 

disclose some emissions data, this proposal faces opposition from various businesses and organizations that find it burdensome.

Governor Newsom's stance on the bill remains unclear, but he has championed climate policies, including transitioning away from gas-powered vehicles

and expanding renewable energy sources.California's plan would require over 5,300 companies to report emissions, including both direct and indirect sources.

Critics argue that accurately measuring all mandated emissions beyond a company's direct responsibility is challenging and could lead to higher consumer

 prices. Supporters believe the disclosure bill, while not perfect, will push companies to accelerate emissions reductions and contribute to climate action.