Cedar Key Unveiled: A Gem Off Florida's Coast

Cedar Key is a quaint Florida gem on Way Key, part of the Cedar Keys, offering beaches, history, and wilderness.

Top attractions include Cedar Key Museum State Park and its exhibits, plus the historic Whitman House.

Cedar Key Public Beach for sunbathing and picnics is adjacent to Lil Shark Park with amenities.

Peaceful walks at Cemetery Point Boardwalk with a 1200-foot boardwalk and bird watching opportunities.

Kayaking adventures with Cedar Key Paddling and a ferry trip to Atsena Otie Key with Tidewater Tours.

Sunset cruises offered by Tidewater Tours for stunning views of Cedar Key's waters.

Cedar Key Railroad Trestle Nature Trail for scenic walks amid native plants and wildlife.

Cedar Key Historical Museum showcasing the area's history from prehistoric times to the 20th century.

Cedar Key Fishing Pier for photo ops and nearby eateries like Steamers

Best times to visit Cedar Key: spring for pleasant weather, or winter with colder temperatures but fewer crowds.