Chill Out: 10 Calm Cities Across America

10. Indianapolis This Midwestern gem is also the 10th most relaxing city in the US

9. New York: City of dreams and good sleep, touted as the most walk able urban hub in the US by Smart-travel.

8. Houston, Texas Known as the hometown of Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion, Houston is also ranked as one of America's most relaxing.

7. Chicago: Architecture, parks, and chilly weather make it the seventh most relaxing city. Snow + warm fire = pure happiness

6. Philadelphia This city is known for not only the best cheese steaks in the world but also for its high relaxation factor.

5. San Diego: With its stunning skyline and serene bay views, Sleep Junkie rates it 85% for best restful city

4. Charlotte: The perfect blend of Southern charm and big city energy, offering a relaxing vibe for all."

3. Austin, Texas Hip and relaxing, Austin would have anyone singing "I wanna go home" just like SpongeBob's Sandy Cheeks.

2. Jacksonville, Florida Second-ranked, offers serene St. Johns River views from downtown, a relaxation haven."

1. San Jose, California Gorgeous weather, 90% residents find peace - Amerisleep's study."