Costa Rica: Your Ideal Visit Timeline

Fewer Crowds: The May-Nov rainy season (except June-Aug) offers lower prices, uncrowded beaches, and wildlife.

Good Weather: The December-April dry season boasts sunshine and warm temps, but higher prices and larger crowds.

 Affordable Prices: May & Sept offer the best deals on flights and accommodations.

Wildlife Spotting: Turtles (Feb-Oct, Apr-May), whales (Dec-Apr), birds (dry season, Sept-Nov), monkeys (year-round).

Birding: dry season (Dec-April) for best visibility and bird songs, Sept-Nov for migratory birds.

Surfing: Beginners: March-April dry season, Experienced: Sept-Oct rainy season; Uncrowded: June-Aug.

Caribbean Coast: Dec-April dry season for less humidity, slower pace, and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Cloud Forests: Avoid July-August rainy season mud; fog formations are not affected.

Worst Times: July-August rainy season mud in cloud forests; December-April dry season crowds.

Best Balance: May or Oct, when rainy season transitions, offer fewer crowds and decent weather.