Crisis Ahead: Thanksgiving Travel Disrupted by Massive Snowstorm!

Thanksgiving week in the US is anticipated to be disrupted by a widespread superstorm.

This storm, initially forecast for the northeast, is now expected to affect the entire country, bringing snow and travel chaos.

Weather maps show the storm originating off the Pacific coast and moving eastward.

Coasts, including Interstate 95 and 5 corridors, will experience wet weather, while the Green and White Mountains, Sierra, Dallas, and Oklahoma City expect snow and storms.

Predictions four days before Thanksgiving reveal rain, snow, and ice across various regions.

Southern and western areas, not just the east coast, are now expected to face severe weather.

Houston and Omaha brace for heavy rain, while Seattle and Salt Lake City anticipate a mix of rain and snow.

Central and eastern US may face extensive rain and strong winds from Monday to Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, significant parts of the northeast are predicted to be snow-covered.

The eastern two-thirds of the country will experience cold air on Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day.