Discover Florida's Hidden Waterfall Gem

Falling Waters Falls, Florida's tallest waterfall at 73 feet, is in Falling Waters State Park, Washington County, Panhandle.

Sinkhole Origins: limestone topped with sandy soil, home to caves, sinkholes, and springs shaped by ocean deposits.

Water Source: fed by springs, dependent on rainfall, impacts visibility. It is advised to visit post-rainfall for better views.

Historical Significance: Native American hiding spots during the Seminole Wars; first oil well in Florida; archaeological artifacts found.

Park Attractions: Hiking trails, a 2-acre lake for fishing and swimming, campgrounds with amenities, interpretive programmes, and an amphitheatre.

Location & Terrain: Situated in Chipley, Panhandle, featuring one of Florida's highest hills, it is not far from Briton Hill's highest point.

Operating Details: Open daily from 8 AM to sunset, $5 entry per vehicle, address at 1130 State Park Road, Chipley, FL 32428.

Campground Features: Shaded by pine forests; tranquil setting; ideal for unwinding and staying overnight.

Wildlife Encounters: Home to Gray-furred fox squirrels, brown bats in caves, and great-horned owls. Bats consume significant insect populations.

Visitor Engagement: Offers a range of activities like hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing, along with serene natural landscapes.