Disney's Low-Rated Parks Exposed by Yelp

Disney theme parks face criticism on Yelp, with none achieving a 4.5-star rating.

Price hikes in Florida and California parks led to guest outrage.

Complaints include overpriced food, long lines for rides, shops, and even bathrooms.

Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida holds the lowest Yelp rating at 3.7 stars.

Issues noted: closed rides, overcrowding, and long waits despite Genie Plus passes.

Criticism extends to corporate greed, overpricing, and diminished nostalgic experiences.

Magic Kingdom in Florida rates 3.9 stars, facing complaints about crowds and services.

European parks fare slightly better, with France-based parks at 4.0 stars on Yelp.

Hong Kong Disneyland is praised for shorter wait times, while Animal Kingdom faces mixed feedback for exhibits and wait times.

Tokyo's DisneySea and Disneyland tie as the highest-rated, each earning 4.5 stars, though some visitors note crowding and long waits impacting experiences.