Escape the Chill: 10 Warm Christmas Getaways in the USA!

Dreaming of a warm Christmas? Head to the southern US for pleasant temperatures.

West Palm Beach offers warm Christmas fun with festive events

1. West Palm Beach, Florida

Orlando's warm, sunny Christmas days draw crowds for festive fun at theme parks like Disney World and Universal Orlando

2. Orlando, Florida

Miami's warm beaches, festive parades, and Santa's Enchanted Forest make it a top Christmas destination!

3. Miami, Florida

Fort Myers' Christmas Boat Parade and festive events make it a sunny holiday delight

4. Fort Myers, Florida

San Diego's vibrant Christmas events promise colorful celebrations and lasting memories

5. San Diego, California

Santa Monica offers beachside ice skating and vibrant holiday parties

6. Santa Monica, California

Palm Springs: Aerial tram, festive lights, and mild Christmas cheer

7. Palm Springs, California

Corpus Christi: Vibrant holidays, harbor lights, and festive shows

8. Corpus Christi, Texas

Big Island: Sunny Christmas vibes, fewer crowds, and festive parades

9. Big Island, Hawaii

Enjoy Phoenix's warm winter, lights, and nature-packed holidays

10. Phoenix, Arizona