Lakes & Lures: Top 10 US Fishing Spots

With 240+ lakes, the US holds Lake Superior, the world's largest, and Lake Tahoe, the second-deepest and North America's biggest alpine lake.

Lake Superior is the largest lake globally by surface area, home to over 80 fish species.

Lake Okeechobee: Florida’s largest freshwater lake, housing 40+ native fish species.

Chickamauga Lake is a Tennessee River reservoir popular for recreational fishing.

Lake Tahoe, the second-deepest US lake, formed approximately two million years ago.

Lake Erie is known for its freshwater commercial fisheries and diverse fish population.

Lake Michigan: Second-largest by volume among Great Lakes, home to various fish like trout, bass, and catfish.

Clear Lake: Oldest North American lake, renowned as the “Bass Capital of the West.

Lake Fork Reservoir: Texas’ premier bass fishing lake with a diverse fish population.

Saguaro Lake, located in Arizona, hosts various fish species, including bass and catfish.