Florida's Haunted Odyssey: 10 Terrifying Locations

Eerie laughter of children and sightings of the "Man in Blue"

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Owned by Frank and Ivy Stranahan, reportedly haunted after Frank's suicide

Historic Stranahan House Museum

Spirits of pioneers haunt the area, including a headless ghost and a prowling woman

Pinewood Cemetery

Charles Deering's winter estate, rumored to be built on an ancient burial ground; visitors claim sightings of Deering's ghost

Deering Estate

Constructed by Edward Leedskalnin for unrequited love; Edward's spirit reportedly resides in the castle

Coral Castle

Home to Robert the Haunted Doll; visitors claim sightings and giggling sounds from the doll

Fort East Martello Museum

Witnessed paranormal activities include flickering lights, whispers, and elevator anomalies

Biltmore Hotel

Believed to be haunted by Ginger Payson, causing mischief like tickling customers or moving objects

Ginger's Place

Former hospital turned lifeguard station; reportedly haunted by spirits, including one named Todd

Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station

Located in Port St. Lucie, associated with a grim legend involving a serial killer and Satan worshippers gathering around the tree

The Devil's Tree