Florida's Quirky Gems: 10 Things You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Visit the Vortex Spring, a cave diving spot with an underwater world that stretches into a cavern that gives way to a river over 1600 feet.

See Hemingway’s House, Ernest Hemingway’s former home in Key West, Florida, which is now a museum.

Eat at the Bubbleroom, a restaurant on Captiva Island known for its addictive bubble bread and wild rainbow decor.

See Coral Castle, a castle built by Latvian Edward Leedskalnin over 25 years, refusing anyone to see it before it was finished.

Visit the Haunted Houses of Florida, especially in Saint Augustine, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the continental United States.

The Airstream Ranch was a unique landmark in Tampa that looked like Stonehenge and was made of classic campers.

Jules Undersea Lodge is an underwater hotel in Key Largo that you can only get to by SCUBA diving.

The Ring Museum is a museum in Sarasota that houses the rich pageantry of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Check out The Real “Bat Country”: the University of Gainsville’s Bat Houses, the largest conservatory of bats anywhere in the world.

 The Butterfly World: the largest collection of butterflies on the planet, located in Coconut Grove