Forget Bali, Costa Rica is the New Happy Place (with Way More Wildlife!)

National Park Paradise: Hike through rain forests, see the Rio Celeste waterfall, and explore diverse ecosystems.

Volcanic Majesty: Witness active volcanoes like Arenal, soak in geothermal hot springs, and enjoy spa treatments.

 Wildlife Wonderland: Encounter sloths, macaws, sea turtles, aWildlifend over 500,000 other species in protected areas.

Hummingbird Haven: Be amazed by 50+ hummingbird species, including the violet sabrewing and magenta-throated wood star.

Adventure Playground: Go river rafting, zip lining, surfing, horseback riding, and more in stunning landscapes.

Unsung Culinary Gem: Discover fresh, flavorful dishes like ceviche-style vuelve a la vida and meaty arreglados sandwiches.

Pacific & Caribbean Bliss: Relax on pristine beaches, explore laid-back towns like Santa Teresa, and find your perfect surf spot.

Luxury and Relaxation Await: Pamper yourself at world-class spas near Arenal Volcano or unwind at beachfront resorts like Papagayo Peninsula.

Coffee Connoisseur's Dream: Sip on some of the world's best coffee, tour farms like Finca Rosa Blanca, and learn about the local industry.

 Guaro Time!: Enjoy Costa Rica's potent sugarcane liquor, mixed with sugar and lime or in cocktails.