Get Ready for Libertyland USA: Rapid City's Newest Thrill Haven

Libertyland USA, a new theme park, will debut in Rapid City by 2026.

It's hailed as the largest family entertainment hub in South Dakota.

Rapid City Council unanimously approved this mixed-use development.

The park will feature an indoor water park, a hotel, an amphitheater, and a themed RV Resort.

"Liberty Village" will offer housing, retail, and dining options within the park.

City officials anticipate a substantial economic boost, predicting hundreds of millions in tax revenues.

President and CEO Tom Johnson expects tens of millions in property taxes and the creation of around 2,000 jobs.

It's estimated to yield 2,000-3,000 housing units, adding to the city's residential landscape.

The project aims to solidify Rapid City's prominence and economic significance.

The park's location is planned for North Rapid City near Lacrosse Street and Mall Drive.