Google's 25th birthday: Doodle with Easter eggs

Google is celebrating its 25th birthday with a bang.On Wednesday, Google marks 25 years old, and some of its products, such as search, hum, and translate, will feature 

Easter eggs to celebrate.Search, hum, or translate "happy birthday" on Google's products to locate them. Wednesday, Google's screen will be covered in confetti.

Google's birthday Doodle, which it creates for holidays, events, and noteworthy people, is a special version of its logo.

The birthday Google Doodle celebrates Google's logo growth from its first to its current incarnation, ending with a 25th birthday logo.

After changing how it crawled content, Google began celebrating its anniversary on Sept. 27, 2005, instead of Sept. 4, 1998.Soon after Google, the first Doodle appeared.

In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin took time off to attend Burning Man Festival and added a stick man to the search engine's emblem.

From Valentine's Day to the 2011 ice cream sundae anniversary,

Google Doodles have exceeded 5,000. Engineers and illustrators, dubbed doodlers, create Google Doodles.