Hello Kitty Magic: Disney's Latest Theme Park

Disney World is building a new Hello Kitty theme park.

Disney World is facing capacity issues and long lines, prompting the need for a new theme park.

Disney's announcement of a Hello Kitty Theme Park has sparked curiosity and questions among fans.

The park will be 52 acres and will feature a variety of themed lands, including desert, winter, city, tropical, and a main street.

The park will be home to a variety of rides that appeal to all ages, from young to old.

There will be roller coasters, water rides, slow rides, and more.

The park will be Disney's most popular theme park, passing Magic Kingdom.

Disney may have the option to acquire Hello Kitty based on the theme park's success.

Disney is using this strategy again and will license Hello Kitty from Sanrio in order to build this new park.

Disney does not own the rights to Hello Kitty. The brand is owned by the company Sanrio in Japan.