Highlights from the very beautiful Book " The Miracle Morning"

Whatever it is that you write, putting words on the page is a form of therapy that doesn't cost a dime.

You've got to wake up every morning with determination if you're going to bed with satisfaction.

It is important to understand that responsibility is not the same as blame.

While blame determines who is at fault for something, responsibility determines who is committed to improving things.

Silence is one of the best ways to immediately reduce stress.

While increasing your self-awareness and gaining the clarity that will allow you to maintain your focus on your goals.

Always remember that when you are committed to a life purpose that is bigger than your problems,

your problems become relatively insignificant and you will overcome them with ease.

if we want to have more energy and our lives to be healthy and disease free then it's crucial that we re-examine

start valuing the health benefits and energy consequences of the foods we eat as much as or more than the taste.

There is no better day than today for us to give up who we've been for who we can become,

and upgrade the life we've living for the one we really want.

Some beautiful Highlights from the very beautiful Book " The Miracle Morning"