Ho Ho Ho! Where's Santa right now? Track him with NORAD and Google on Christmas Eve!

Norad and Google track Santa! Both offer festive Christmas Eve tracking experiences.

 NORAD's mission since 1955: A mistaken phone number started a heartwarming tradition.

Live tracking begins Dec. 24th: Follow Santa's journey around the globe.

NORAD website and social media updates: Stay informed on Santa's progress throughout the night.

Google joins the fun: Track Santa, play games, and enjoy Christmas activities on their platform.

Christmas Eve app launch: Download Google's Santa Tracker 2023 app for on-the-go holiday cheer.

Family guide and quizzes: Google's app offers more than just tracking, perfect for interactive family fun.

Millions tune in worldwide: A beloved tradition for kids and adults alike.

NORAD & Google: Two ways to experience the magic of Santa's Christmas Eve flight.

Get ready for December 24th! Track Santa, spread holiday cheer, and make it a memorable Christmas Eve.