How a Father's Love Created a $35m Game-Changing Park

Gordon Hartman, motivated by his daughter Morgan's struggles with special needs, built Morgan's Wonderland, a $35 million theme park in San Antonio, Texas.

The park is fully inclusive, designed for people with disabilities and open to everyone, free of charge for those with disabilities.

It aims to create an environment where no one feels different, fostering understanding and fun for individuals with and without disabilities.

Established in 2010, it's the world's first theme park designed with disabled individuals in mind, featuring over 25 wheelchair-accessible attractions.

Hartman, a former home builder, sold his companies to start a foundation aiding children and adults with disabilities.

The park's design involved collaboration with experts to ensure accessibility, including wristbands for tracking and attractions suitable for various needs.

A third of the park's staff comprises people with special needs, emphasising inclusive hiring practices.

Additionally, Hartman created Morgan's Inspiration Island, a $17 million water park with free waterproof wheelchairs and amenities for guests requiring special equipment.

Visitors' joy and the opportunity for those with disabilities to fully participate are the driving forces behind Hartman's initiatives.

The park's impact is evident through emotional stories from parents, expressing gratitude for creating a space where their children can actively engage rather than watch from the sidelines.