How late does Burger King stay open?

Suppose you've been craving a burger all day and it's now beyond your bedtime. Possibly it's 9:00 PM now.

Maybe it's the witching hour now. You're driving down the road when you suddenly spot a Burger King and wonder, "What time does Burger King close?"

Burger King, the international franchise of the American fast food chain known for its Whoppers and "Have It Your Way" slogan, 

serves burgers, fries, salads, breakfast foods, and a new snack wrap that may make a certain competitor wish they had kept a snack wrap of their own.

On average, Burger King locations close at midnight. The regular business hours are from 6 am to 12 am, Monday through Saturday.

The King likes to sleep in on Sundays and typically lets everyone in about 7 a.m.

It is best to verify with a specific location or use the Burger King app to get the most up-to-date

information, as these hours may change by location and on holidays.