Insight for Good Money Revolution by Derrick Kinney

Money can either be good or bad. Money can be leveraged to hurt or to heal.

It all depend on what we do with it.Make good money and do good things with it.

The key to your Success and having a daily passion that fuels you to connect your cash to a cause,..

..your money to a movement, your profits to a purpose.

You make money Twice. First, you work hard to earn it . Then you must work hard to wisely invest and grow it.

"Save like a pessimist, invest like a optimist."

"Save like a pessimist, invest like a optimist."

Good money Levers: *Save more *Crush you debts *Earn more

* List your debt to highest interest rate to lowest, *Pay off high-interest credit cards as soon as possible.

*Make a commitment every quarter to review your progress. *Get an accountability partner. * Reward Yourself.

Money is good because you can use it for good; you can use it to change the world.

If you really want to be happy, use your money for something good.