Insight from The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

when you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why.

But when you believe, something can be done your mind goes to work for you and helps you find the ways to do it.

A mind that feeds only on itself soon in undernourished, becoming weak and incapable of creative progressive thought.

Stimulation from others is excellent mind food.

Become receptive to ideas. Welcome new ideas Destroy these thought repellents:

.."Won't work," "Can't be done," "It's useless," and "It's stupid."

Be an experimental person. Break up fixed routines. Expose yourself to new restaurants , new books,

new theaters, new friends, take a different route to work someday, do something new and different this weekend.

Always ask yourself ," How can i improve the quality of my performance? " "How can i do better?"

Believe it can be done. That's basic to creative thinking.

we defeat our desires because we focus on why we can't instead we should focus on why we can.