Kai Cenat’s joke on Kevin Hart is the Internet’s new favorite moment!

Kai Cenat gave Kevin Hart a stepping stool as a joke on his livestream.

The prank, which humorously highlighted Hart's height, sparked widespread conversations online.

 Fans and viewers found the banter between Cenat and Hart highly entertaining and weighed in with their reactions on social media.

Some fans noted the irony of Cenat making the joke, given his own height.

The moment was compared to the famous playful rivalry between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

Hart and Johnson are known for their witty one-liners and friendly teasing, building a comedic rapport over the years.

An example of their banter is when Hart humorously critiqued Johnson during an interview with Ric Flair, but Flair only praised Johnson.

The dynamic between Hart and Johnson, despite their jokes, is rooted in a strong friendship and mutual respect.

Cenat's prank is seen as a clever and audacious addition to the tradition of celebrity-friendly roasts.

The incident highlights Cenat's sharp wit and ability to catch even seasoned comedians like Hart off guard.