Landmarks of Liberty: Miami's Living History

Liberty City, Miami: A historic hub resonating with cultural landmarks, preserving legacies, and embodying a vibrant past

Martin Luther King Boulevard, which honors Dr. King, spans multiple communities.

The 62nd Street Mural depicts Dr. King's legacy, created by artist Oscar Thomas.

The Wall: historic barrier symbolizing segregation, remnants along Northwest 12th Avenue.

Miami Northwestern High School: First Black high school with state football championship.

Gwen Cherry Park Honors the first black woman elected to the Florida Legislature.

Liberty Square is Florida's first public housing project for black residents.

African Heritage Cultural Arts Center: Hub for local artists and youth since 1974.

Joseph Caleb Community Center: provides diverse neighborhood services.

Georgette’s Tea Room: Historic retreat for Black celebrities and socialites.

Miami Times Building: Oldest Black-owned newspaper site in Miami.