Many people are praying for Kenny Pickett

Just now, Kenny Pickett's Sunday afternoon performance in Houston went from terrible to worse. Pickett went down in the fourth quarter against the Texans with what looked like a

catastrophic lower leg injury. Thankfully, he was able to stand back up. The former Pitt star, though, could not bear weight on his injured leg. The Steelers made the

announcement that he will not be coming back on Sunday. The Steelers won't be able to beat the Texans, and now Pickett might be out for a while with an injury. 

The second-year NFL quarterback has received an outpouring of prayers. 

Kenny Pickett, quarterback for the Steelers, has been injured and is out for the rest of the game. Dov Kleiman predicted that Mitch Trubisky would finish the game.

One supporter wished that it was nothing severe. "Hope it's not too serious," a second supporter added.

A Canadian supporter commented, "Canada ought to be fired just for letting that happen."

A supporter commented, "I hope it isn't bad but with this coaching staff the ship was sinking anyway." 

I pray that Kenny Pickett's injury is not too severe. But it doesn't look good based on his reaction.