New York city declares flash flood emergency

A state of emergency was declared in New York City due to flash flooding caused by strong storms.

Up to 8 inches of rain fell in some parts of the city, causing major disruptions to transportation and flooding streets, subways, and basement apartments.

One terminal at LaGuardia Airport was closed, and the National Guard was deployed.No deaths or critical injuries have been reported.

Mayor Eric Adams warned people to take precautions and avoid driving on flooded roads.

New York City has had nearly 14 inches of rain so far this month, making it the wettest September since 1882.

More than 2.5 inches of rain fell in one hour in Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is more than the city's sewage system is designed to handle.

In South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, workers waded through knee-high water as they tried to unclog a drain.

One resident estimated that the flood damage to her bar and kitchen will cost between $25,000 and $30,000.