NFL QB Caught on Camera Hitting Opponent in the Groin

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner accused Patriots quarterback Mac Jones of hitting him in the groin during Sunday's game.

Jones denied the accusation, saying that he had no intention of hitting Gardner.

The NFL reviewed the play and decided not to suspend Jones.However, Jones could be fined for his actions.

Gardner is not satisfied with the NFL's decision and has shared a video of the play on social media.

Jones has a history of questionable conduct on the field.He was accused of a "dirty play" by Bengals defensive back Eli Apple earlier this season.

Panthers star Brian Burns also criticized Jones for grabbing his leg during a game.

Jones defended his actions, saying that he is just trying to be competitive and a good teammate.

He also said that he cares a lot about football and that the game means a lot to him.The Patriots face a critical matchup against the Cowboys in Dallas in Week 4 on Sunday.