PGA Drama Unveiled: Golf's Unsettling Future

The PGA Tour faces changes amid scepticism from players post-2023 upheaval.

Endeavor's $10 billion bid for the PGA Tour was turned down, hinting at shifts.

PGA Tour and Saudi PIF's framework deal was questioned by Phil Mickelson.

Disagreements arise over eight elite tournaments between PGA and players.

Interactions hint at PGA's firm stance against players' golf league shift.

Doubts arise over the PGA's deal with LIV Golf rebels as the deadline approaches.

Monahan assures the PGA's intense efforts for a deal amid mixed sentiments.

PGA's memo reveals unsolicited investment approaches, emphasising strength.

Despite the PGA's confidence, LIV Golf insiders remain doubtful of a 2024 deal.

Hope for golf unity dwindles as potential deals may not materialise in 2024.