"PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf: 3 Plot Twists That Could Change Golf

Ongoing negotiations: PGA Tour and LIV Golf discussions remain inconclusive.

Deal uncertainty: Unlikelihood of a PGA Tour-LIV Golf agreement by the Dec. 31 deadline

Private equity interest: Talks regarding investments in PGA Tour Enterprises.

Unknown entity: Details of PGA Tour Enterprises and potential outcomes remain undisclosed.

PGA Tour's funding change: consideration to shift event funding structure, possibly affecting charity contributions

Off-season status: Both the PGA Tour and DP World Tour seasons concluded, leading to a lull.

Three potential outcomes: speculation on the likely scenarios of the PGA Tour-LIV Golf talks.

Agreement implications: Possible effects of an alliance on golf's structure and schedules

No agreement impact: Consequences on LIV Golf's continuation and the broader golf landscape

Postponement possibility: likelihood of extending the negotiation deadline and its ramifications