Retirement Gem: East Coast's Standout

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ranked as the top place to retire in the U.S., according to U.S. News and World Report's latest data.

The ranking criteria encompass the happiness of residents, weather, dining options, tax rates, health care quality, and affordability.

Taylor Swift's home state, Pennsylvania, boasts seven of the top ten retirement cities among 150 metropolitan areas.

Affordability, including housing, utility, and grocery costs, carries significant weight in the rankings.

Harrisburg offers easy access, scenic outdoors along the Susquehanna River, and trails at Riverfront Park hosting annual events.

The city features hiking trails along the Appalachian Trail and proximity to attractions like Amish country, Gettysburg National Military Park, and Hershey park.

It's close to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, accessible by car or public transit.

The median house price in Harrisburg is $223,842, significantly below the national average.

Other top-ranking cities include Reading, Lancaster, Scranton , Allentown, New York City, York, Daytona Beach, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh.

The rankings challenge the standard expectation of Florida towns being top choices for retirement, showing a surprising preference for Pennsylvania cities.