Super Bowl Snack Delights: Taste of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay-themed dishes for a vibrant Super Bowl spread

Classic Cuban Sandwich: Layers of pork, ham, salami, cheese, mustard, and pickles

Southern-Style BBQ: Slow-cooked pulled pork with vinegar-based sauces

Deviled Crab: Fresh seafood mix, fried into a croquette, served with aioli

Empanadas: Versatile turnovers with fillings like beef, chicken, vegetables, or cheese

Italian-inspired dishes: Meatballs, arancini, lasagna rollups, fried ravioli

Florida's culinary gems spotlighted for a lively Super Bowl feast

Embrace Tampa's diverse cuisine with dynamic and fun Super Bowl snacks

From zesty Cubanos to seafood delights, explore Florida's culinary offerings