Team USA responds to Ryder Cup camp split claims

On the final day of the Ryder Cup in Rome, Team USA players mocked camp split rumors.Team USA denies a major camp rift, with half of its players donning caps on the penultimate

day.Europe has always dominated the Ryder Cup and is close to winning. Pat Cantlay is outraged that Ryder Cup players aren't paid, calling the American camp 'fractured' 

Sky Sports stated that Cantlay'refused to attend' the welcome meal at the start of the week, sat in a separate changing room with close friend Xander Schauffele, and refused to

wear a team cap on Saturday to show his 'frustration' Despite Mirror Sport's fallout claim, Team USA maintains "not true".Team caps didn't fit Cantlay, therefore he didn't 

wear one. He stated: "I learned about it after leaving the green. So false."Pay isn't issue. Team USA and representing our nation are priorities. Hat doesn't fit.

It didn't fit this week or Whistling Straits 2021. Everyone knows."I kept my hatless week plan."Captain Zach Johnson said Cantlay is "beyond committed" to the team, 

denying a schism. , "This is the closest knit team I've ever been associated with," Johnson said.This team is unusual. Patrick's one of 12. His dedication is unsurpassed.

His club house leadership is outstanding."The team is united. One of my most cohesive teams. No insult to the cash sign, but Ryder Cup is more."Half of the American team

wore caps on the penultimate day of the event, reportedly in reaction to division claims."I don't think he likes the fit of the hats," Johnson remarked of Cantlay's hat refusal.

I know. These are the facts. Some of Europe's greats, whom I admire and have fashioned my game after, never wore Ryder Cup helmets."