The Day's Funniest Golf Puns 

Paddy and Mick were going back to Ireland to compete in the All Eire Champions Golf Championship. When they were about halfway across the Atlantic, the pilot

announced himself over the intercom."Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking," he announced. I'm sorry to report that our outer starboard engine has stopped

working. But there is absolutely no need for alarm. 

There are still three functional engines on board, so we can make it to Shannon.The captain's voice was

heard again an hour later."Ladies and gentlemen," he replied, "it's the outer port engine that's gone this time." But there's no need to panic; we still have two

functional engines.After waiting another half hour, the captain once again addressed the passengers over the intercom, saying, "Ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry

to report that the starboard inner engine has died," he remarked."Begorrah, Mick," Paddy said to his friend with a troubled gaze. "If we lose that fourth engine,

we'll not only miss the tee off, but we'll be up here all night!"