The world wealthiest authors ranked

The world wealthiest authors ranked

No. 12th: Dan Brown, $160 million Best Selling Book : The Da Vinci Code Sold- 80 million + copies

No. 11th: Dean Koontz, $200 million Published : 105 Books Total Copies sold: 450 million

10th: R. L. Stine,  $200 million, Wrote : 300 Horror books most notably : the Goosebumps series.

9th: Jeffrey Archer, $286 million, biggest-selling book, 1979's Kane and Abel, published: 40 titles sold : 320 million copies

8th: Barbara Taylor Bradford, $300 million Wrote : 40 books sold : 92 million

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6th: Danielle Steel, $390 million, penned 190 books, selling over 800 million copies. Famous for romantic fiction

6th: Nora Roberts, $390 million penned a staggering 225 romance novels, sold : 400 million copies

5th: John Grisham,  $400 million, published over 40 books, sold :300 million copies, Best known for thriller books

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3rd: Paulo Coelho,  $500 million Famous book :Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. sold 150 million copies

2nd: James Patterson, $800 million, famous for detective series. wrote : 200 novels Sold : 305 million books

1st: J. K. Rowling,  $1.1 billion writer of Harry Potter sold : over 500 million books