"Top 10 Safe and Exciting U.S. Destinations for Solo Female Travellers."

The top 10 states for solo female travelers, according to TrustedHousesitters, are

Vermont, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Kansas.

Vermont is ranked as the best state for solo female travelers, offering natural beauty, museums, and safety.

Pennsylvania provides historical sites, art museums, and friendly residents, making it an attractive destination.

Delaware boasts colonial architecture, beautiful state parks, and high safety rankings.

Rhode Island offers ocean views, historical attractions, and a strong community safety rating.

Maryland features diverse attractions, including the National Aquarium and beaches, with high safety and fast internet.

Minnesota combines culture and nature, ranking as the friendliest state for women travelers.

Colorado, known for adventure and safety, offers activities like skiing, mountain biking, and hot springs.New Hampshire is a safe getaway with

outdoor adventure  and charming towns.Hawaii is a dream destination, with cultural experiences and natural beauty attracting solo female travelers.

Kansas, known for its friendly people, offers various attractions, including historic sites and barbecue.