Trump slams PGA Tour after brutal LIV betrayal

LIV Golf's 2024 calendar omits Trump properties, which might not help the former president's PGA Tour feud.

Trump famously advised PGA golfers to “take the money and run” when LIV Golf called, predicting that the PGA Tour would join with the Saudi-backed company.

Trump criticized PGA Tour president Seth Waugh on Truth Social on Sunday afternoon, calling for his removal by players.

Has anyone, especially the 28,000 HARD WORKING GOLF PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA, looked at Seth Waugh's pay, who was "fired" from his former position

and is now PGA president? Trump asked his usual way.The answer appears to be over $3,000,000 annually? You could have had him for peanuts! Anyway, 

as GREAT PROFESSIONALS, I love and appreciate you all, have many of you working at my many lovely golf clubs, and know how hard your job is—done more for

LOVE than money. I would drive to get Seth Waugh out. A BETTER ‘LEADER’ WOULD COST LESS!

Best wishes, Your favorite president, Donald J. Trump.”The PGA Tour and Waugh did not immediately respond to the insults.