Twitter/X shows ‘shadowbans’

Twitter/X is revealing its plans for a software upgrade that will notify users if their account was "shadowbanned" nine months after Elon Musk revealed it.

X designer Andrea Conway showed mock-ups of the upcoming feature Tuesday afternoon. When limited visibility filters would put into place on the site remained unknown.

The first shows a notifications tab indicating that the site “added a label to your account which may impact its reach.” Users can click to an explanation page from there.

“We have found that your account potentially contains sensitive media — such as graphic, violent, nudity, sexual behavior, hateful symbols, or other 

sensitive content,” it says. Our warnings may help users avoid sensitive information in your postings. Your account and content may be excluded from For You and 

Following timelines, recommended notifications, trends, and search results.If the label was applied incorrectly, users can appeal it, but how was unclear.

Twitter has previously banned tweets that broke its rules, but this is the first time it has limited accounts.

After taking over the site, Musk gave hand-selected journalists records of Twitter executives discussing visibility filtering, accusing the company of shadowbanning.

Around that time, he tweeted, “Twitter is working on a software update that will show your true account status, so you know clearly if you’ve been shadowbanned.