Unforgettable Florida Camping Experiences

Centuries of Camping: Florida's camping heritage spans 12,000 years, evolving from Paleo-Indians to modern adventurers.

Tin Can Tourists Era: In 1919, the Tin Can Tourists marked the modernization of camping, exploring Florida's appeal.

Florida's Magnetism: The state quickly became a camping haven due to its climate, wildlife, and vast coastlines.

Innovations and Evolution: Glenn Curtiss introduced RVs, while entrepreneurs developed trailer parks and state campgrounds.

Modern Camping: Today's campers, reminiscent of the Tin Can Tourists, seek natural beauty and outdoor escapes.

Diverse Camping Options: Florida offers varied camping experiences—from tent pitching to luxury glamping.

Natural Sanctuaries: State forests, wildlife refuges, and preserves offer timeless camping in unchanged landscapes.

Unique Camping Experiences: From wildlife preserves with resident animals to traditional Seminole chickee huts.

Time Capsule Adventures: Camping allows experiences ranging from ocean serenity to witnessing space launches.

Experiential Richness: Camping in Florida provides a four-star experience, valuing moments over possessions.