Unveiling PokePark Kanto: A Pokemon Fan's Paradise

Collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Yomiuriland for 'PokePark Kanto' in Tokyo was announced.

Details on the launch date are undisclosed, but it is anticipated to feature rides and attractions akin to Super Nintendo World.

Builds upon the previous success of 'Pokemon Wonder' launched in 2021 at Yomiuriland, featuring nature-based Pokemon sculptures.

The official announcement emphasizes creating a space for global Pokemon fans to enjoy beyond borders.

Nintendo files trademarks for 'PokePark Kalos' and 'PokePark Paldea' in Europe, suggesting potential future expansions.

'PokePark Kanto' development in early stages; trademarks for additional parks may be placeholders for future plans.

Expectations of intensifying excitement among Pokemon enthusiasts as more details emerge.

Anticipated as a shared experience uniting fans globally in the celebration of the franchise.

We are awaiting further announcements from The Pokemon Company as the grand opening of 'PokePark Kanto' nears.

Envisioned as more than an amusement park, aiming to create lasting memories in a world where Pokemon dreams come true.