Yankees' Future 3rd baseman Is Already on the Roster

The Yankees are looking for a solution to their third base problem after Josh Donaldson's disappointing season.

Oswald Peraza, a 23-year-old prospect, is a cost-effective and promising option.

Peraza has shown flashes of brilliance in his limited MLB exposure, batting .274 in September with a .303 OBP.

He is also a solid defender, with a .963 fielding percentage in 279 innings this season.

The Yankees could also consider Jeimer Candelario, a 29-year-old switch hitter who is having a good season for the Tigers.

However, Peraza has the potential to be a star at third base, and the Yankees should give him the opportunity to prove himself next season.

Diversifying their options by adding another seasoned infielder could create a competitive environment and help the Yankees find the best long-term solution at third base.

The Yankees are hesitant to invest heavily in a marquee name at third base, so Peraza's development is crucial.

Peraza has the tools to be a Gold Glove infielder and a cornerstone of the Yankees' lineup.All he needs is trust and opportunity to validate his potential.