Zach Johnson confirms Golf Twitter's 2023 Ryder Cup forecast

Fred Couples, a US Ryder Cup vice captain, has made some erroneous predictions about the team's personnel moves.

Couples guaranteed that Cameron Young would be a part of the squad earlier this year, but Young was not selected.

Couples also said that the pairing of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas would play four sessions together, but this pairing has not been confirmed.

US Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson has confirmed that Couples' predictions should not be taken seriously. Johnson joked that Couples may be spreading disinformation.

Some people have suggested that Couples' crazy claims may be a deliberate attempt to throw off the European team.

Couples has been nicknamed "The Minister of Disinformation."

It is important to note that Couples is still a valuable member of the US Ryder Cup team, even if his predictions are not always accurate.

Couples' experience and knowledge of the game can be helpful to the US team.

The US team will need to be prepared for anything when they face the European team in the Ryder Cup.