Zach Wilson Made Hard Admission After Jets Lost to Chiefs

Jets supporters are more upbeat than they have been in previous weeks because to quarterback Zach Wilson's performance in Sunday night's loss to the Chiefs.

Wilson admitted blame for the defeat after the game, saying that he mishandled a snap that could have started a scoring

drive but instead gave the ball back to Kansas City.

But everything came crashing down when he muffed Connor McGovern's snap and lost a fumble.

Wilson told reporters after the game that he was responsible for the lost because of the fumble."Yeah, I'll pay for that. I can't afford to have a play like that right now.

"I can't afford to fumble the ball," Wilson remarked. This group is making significant sacrifices.

Guys are making plays... I can't afford to be in the driver's seat right

then and there and blow a snap.The 24-year-old did not avoid responsibility for the loss and instead vowed to grow from the experience.