breathtaking hikes to do in Quebec: Did you know that the highest peak in Quebec is 1646m and is located between Nunavik and Nunatsiavut, in Labrador? This is the very northern Mount Kauviik, better known as Iberville.

Fortunately, this is not the only peak in the province where hikers can find themselves at height and challenge themselves. The following mountains, more accessible, are enough to mark the memories as much as the quadriceps!

Breathtaking hikes in Quebec:


It is in Gaspésie Park that the highest peak in southern Quebec is located: Mont Jacques-Cartier, which reaches 1268m and is home to a precious herd of caribou. In the heights, visitors explore the heart of an impressive alpine tundra.

Mont Jacques-Cartier is not the only imposing peak in the park; 25 of them exceed 1000m in this hiking mecca. 

Trail: Mont Jacques-Cartier, 8.2km (round trip), 465m elevation gain, difficult, dogs not allowed.

** Please note that traffic on the Mont Jacques-Cartier trail is only authorized from 9:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., until October 9, inclusive.


Located in the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, this trail is known for its grandiose views but also for its particularly steep climb. It leads to three peaks, the highest of which reaches 1048m, and is considered by Sépaq to be one of the most difficult in the park network. It’s best to be in good shape and well-shod to tackle it.

** Please note that departures are permitted from sunrise until 2 p.m. (until August 31) and until midday (from August 1st at closing). The descent from summit no. 3 is obligatory at 4:30 p.m. (until August 31), 3:30 p.m. (from September 1st to September 30), and 3 p.m. (from October 1st to closing).

Trail: L’Acropole-des-Draveurs, 11.2km (round trip), 800m difference in altitude, difficult, dogs not allowed

MONT SAINT-MAGLOIRE  (Chaudière-Appalaches)

Mont Saint-Magloire, as we read on the website of the Massif du Sud regional park, is the highest peak in Chaudière-Appalaches. When you’re there, it’s possible to see as far as Quebec City and Mount Katahdin, Maine. The trail promises a good climb, up to 917m altitude.

Trail: Mont Saint-Magloire route, 13.9km (round trip), 641m difference in altitude, difficult, dog allowed

MOUNT MEGANTIC (Eastern Townships)

To get closer to the stars, there is nothing better than climbing Mont Mégantic. Popular for its astronomy observatory, this summit is also a beautiful hiking destination, particularly in the autumn. It is reached on foot via a wooded loop in Mont-Mégantic National Park. 

** Please note that it is strongly recommended to obtain a daily access pass online or an annual pass to access the park in advance.

Trail: Mont Mégantic, 11.2km (loop), 520m elevation gain, intermediate, dog allowed.


Charlevoix Tourism describes this park as an “island of Quebec’s Far North” 1h30 from Quebec. At the summit of Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes, at an altitude of 980m, hikers will see both the “northern” vegetation of the park and the landscapes of the Charlevoix meteorite crater. A must-see in the region, in the heart of Grands-Jardins National Park.

** Please note that it is strongly recommended to obtain a daily access pass online or an annual pass to access the park in advance.

Trail: Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes, 8.6km (round trip), 480m difference in altitude, difficult, dogs not allowed.


MOUNT KAAIKOP   (Laurentides)

With its 838m, Mount Kaaikop is less known and less high than Mont Tremblant (968m), but it is certainly worth the detour, among other things, for its panoramic view of the Laurentians. According to Balise Québec, in good weather, you can see Mont Tremblant, Montagne Noire, and even Montreal!

The trail is located in the L’Interval outdoor solidarity cooperative, on the edge of Lake Legault. Those who don’t want to do the full loop can opt for a shortened version. 

Trail: Mount Kaaikop-Grand Tour, 11.8km, 340m elevation gain, difficult, dogs allowed.

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