SÆBERG: Nestled midway between Reykjavík and Akureyri, the picturesque Sæberg

The hostel emerges as a serene retreat, inviting tourists to unwind amidst nature’s beauty. Situated just 1 km off the toll road no. 1 in Hrútafjörður, this haven, with its renovated farmhouse atmosphere, beckons the ones in search of solace far from the city frenzy.

Introduction to Sæberg Hostel

  • Location and Contact Information
  • Sæberg Hostel
  • 500 Staður (map)
  • Phone: + 354 894 5504
  • Email: saeberg@hostel.Is
  • Website: Sæberg Hostel

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Unique Features of Sæberg Hostel

Renovated Farmhouse Setting

The charm of Sæberg Hostel lies in its renovated farmhouse aesthetic, supplying a tranquil ambiance by way of the ocean. The rustic but cushy place welcomes guests right into a world of simplicity and herbal beauty.

Outdoor Hot Tub and Geothermal Water

A highlight of this retreat is the outside hot tub, heated via geothermal water sourced from the nearby warm spring. Guests take pleasure in soothing soaks while relishing panoramic views of the encircling landscapes.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife

For the adventurous souls, Sæberg offers walking walks paths along the shore and up to the moor, providing encounters with diverse birdlife. From the not-unusual Eider and Arctic Tern to the majestic White-tailed Eagle, the flora and fauna sightings right here are a nature fanatic’s pleasure.

Nearby Historical Museum

Within walking distance, traffic can discover a nearby historic museum. The exhibitions unravel the rich tapestry of generations’ lives, presenting insights into the region’s cultural history.

Accommodation Options

Apart from comfy guestrooms accommodating 2-6 humans, Sæberg Hostel gives cottages with self-contained kitchen facilities and bathrooms for companies of 4-five. Additionally, a tenting floor caters to those in search of a greater rugged outside revel.


The Charm of the Countryside Retreat

Tranquilly Amidst Nature

The hostel’s charm lies in its potential to offer a tranquil getaway. Surrounded by the aid of nature’s serenity, guests rejuvenate amidst breathtaking landscapes and the calming sounds of the countryside.

Activities and Relaxation Opportunities

Whether soaking in the hot bathtub, embarking on nature walks, or relishing moments of tranquility, Sæberg Hostel offers an array of sports for both adventure seekers and those seeking relaxation.

Accommodation Details


The guestrooms, designed for comfort, offer comfortable areas for people, couples, or small companies, supplying a heated retreat after an afternoon of exploration.

Cottages with Facilities

The cottages, equipped with kitchen amenities and private bathrooms, ensure a cushy stay for larger agencies or families, maintaining the hostel’s rustic charm.

Camping Ground Amenities

For the adventurous souls, the tenting ground provides a proper out-of-doors revel amidst Iceland’s charming natural splendor.

Exploring Surrounding Areas

Proximity to Reykjavík and Akureyri

Situated midway between two predominant towns, Sæberg Hostel offers a handy stopover, permitting travelers to explore the essence of both Reykjavík and Akureyri.

Highlights of Hrútafjörður

The region offers the possibility to discover Hrútafjörður, a place brimming with natural wonders, from scenic landscapes to various wildlife, imparting genuine Icelandic enjoyment.


In essence, Sæberg Hostel encapsulates the essence of tranquility amidst Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes. With its rustic attraction, diverse lodging alternatives, and opportunities for nature exploration, it stands as an inviting haven for travelers looking for a genuine Icelandic experience.

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