About us

Hello guys, I am Ariz Hasan and I have made this website. The purpose of making this website is to give you knowledge of books in a quick way or in the form of web stories.

Books are very important in our life. You can get a whole life experience of an author in just one book. it molds our characters and gives us direction. so I decided to give you some knowledge of books which give you curiosity to read the whole book.

This website is a subdomain of my original website bachokiduniya.com, where I post content related to kids. Poems, stories, rhymes, each and everything for kids.Education.bachokiduniya.com is also a subdomain of my original website which give academic knowledge like flowers name essay, and other things which comes with Academic life. 

Contact me if you have any query, problem, or question related to my contact my personal email id is arizzaman5@gmail.com