Budget-Friendly Travel

“Budget-Friendly Travel: 3 Money-Saving Tips. Is it still possible to spend a vacation abroad without leaving your shirt behind?

How do you see the country when the price of plane tickets is soaring? Where do you go to get more bang for your buck? Expert tips and advice

Whether you dream of relaxation in the sun, adventure in the mountains, or cultural discoveries on vacation, the objective remains the same: to take your mind off things. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to do your homework.

Before even thinking about our luggage—and the possibility of not finding it on the carousel upon arrival—the search for the ideal destination can cause some headaches when the prices don’t seem close to beginning their descent. “There are fewer offers and a lot of demands.” This greatly affects prices.”


The greatest ally of the traveler looking to save is flexibility. Choosing to escape while everyone is at work is the best guarantee of an affordable vacation… far from the crowds. Rather than rushing to the star destinations that appear on our Instagram feeds, we can also opt for gems that fly under the radar.

“Doing a little research and traveling to less conventional destinations allows you to take advantage of more attractive prices.

If it is not always possible to leave on dates that allow us to benefit from the best prices, we can do the opposite: by “shopping” for our destination according to the period of our vacation.

This is the option often favored by author and blogger Bianca Pomerleau, who travels whenever she has the opportunity, with family or friends. Monitoring the price of plane tickets is part of his daily routine. She mainly checks Google Flights, where she can spot flights to different destinations and subscribe to receive alerts when prices change. “As soon as I see a window where I could leave, I search left and right,” she says. […] We also have to think about the cost of living there.”

Why Google Flights rather than another comparator like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Hopper? Although she consults several sources, the first seems the easiest to use. “It allows me to track by dates, without choosing a location from the start of my research. You can see a map with the ticket prices. When the destination begins to become clearer, I compare it with other sources. I almost always end up buying my tickets directly from the airlines or through a travel agent when it’s more complicated.


This is undoubtedly a point that deserves attention: the complexity of the exercise. Not everyone masters the tools like Bianca. Travel advisors can save us from many missteps, such as having to change airports during a layover. By trying to do everything yourself to save money, we sometimes end up spending more to repair our mistakes. The services of a travel advisor do not necessarily cost more than if you do everything yourself. As a bonus, this expert can also save us money by identifying other interesting options and coming to our aid in the event of a problem.

“When it comes to thefts, we don’t really get by,” concedes Gitane Charron. They are expensive. When someone wants to lower the price of their bill, I will recommend them to go to countries where the cost of living is lower. People don’t always think about lesser-known options, like the Balkans or Eastern Europe. There is a way to save a little.”

When a traveler has more time, she does not hesitate to suggest distant lands. “People jump when they see the price of a ticket to Southeast Asia, but there it costs almost nothing. While a flight to the Caribbean may be more affordable, locally, it’s more expensive.”

For people who only have one or two weeks of vacation, she recommends destinations that are fairly close by. “There is a way to visit Mexico off the beaten track. It’s not just Cancun and the Riviera Maya! Aruba and Curaçao aren’t too bad this year in terms of prices and cost of living either.”


Generally speaking, Gitane Charron observes that the cost of a hotel room is quite similar to previous years. “What hurts right now is the exchange rate. In the big cities of the United States, you don’t get by below $300 to $400 a night.” Where possible, it looks for countries where it is possible to avoid the US dollar or the euro.

Budget-Friendly Travel

A great adventurer, Rachel Latour is the instigator of the blog Découverte Monde and Voyageuses du Québec, a community born on Facebook that has since become a webzine and a travel agency. She has always favored backpacking and adventure over rolling suitcases and comfort. “There are lots of ways to save money while traveling,” she says, “but everyone has their limits and priorities.

For example, a foodie will prefer to spend more of their budget on food. It would be a shame if he didn’t have it! When I happen to spend too much on certain activities, I compensate by taking local transport, for example.” The important thing, according to her, is to respect your own limits.

It is also not always necessary to visit all the attractions of a destination to enjoy the trip. “There are so many possibilities for inexpensive activities! I prefer walking in cities and hiking. When you spend your day walking around, you see a lot of things.”

TO KEEP IN MIND: Budget-Friendly Travel

  1. It’s best to book as far in advance as possible. Last-minute discounts are becoming increasingly rare!
  2. Choosing a midweek flight is usually cheaper than before or after a weekend.
  3. The prices of new players are often attractive.
  4. Free guided tours are offered in most cities. You can find information on the tourist office websites or by visiting tourist reception offices.
  5. During research periods, monitoring sales can help us decide. When you come across a plane ticket whose price seems good, it is better to buy it immediately rather than hope that the price will go down. Tools like Google Flights and Hopper allow you to track price developments.

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